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From a young child, Gordon was called a sissy, girlie, fag, queer, and homo. Getting towel whipped, stomach punched and spit on were part of his world. Being bullied like this made him go into a nice, staid, stable career in accounting. He never found his writer’s voice until he retired in 2017 after forty years of debits and credits and became a passionate writing machine. . His 2021 best-selling novella “Shipped Off” was published as part of the Running Wild Press Novella Anthology Volume 4, Book 1. In 2022 his second novel, "Fathers and Other Strangers" was published. Audiobooks are available for both novels. In February 2023, his novel "Stretched Love" was published by Tofu Ink Arts Press. Ten of his autobiographical stories are available on the Queer Slam Podcast Episode 21, called “Just Gordon." His play "Reflections" was performed and one of the winners at the Region 8  Kennedy Center American College Festival in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

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Tofu Ink Arts Press is proud to announce the publication of Stretched Love. The novel  plunges us into the passionate marriage of a couple in their thirties, Warren and Rebecca and

her troubled younger gay brother, Paul. The hold that these

three characters have on each other takes on mythic

proportions when one of them faces serious illness.

The novel does not hold back from the savagery of disease

and death. The relationships take an unexpected turn that

doesn't always make sense.  Ultimately the reader will find that love in all of its forms can be stretched, even beyond the grave.

Available as a paperback and kindle on Amazon and other 

book stores and web-sites.

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Gordon Blitz's first novel was originally published by Running Wild Press as part of their Novella Anthology Volume 4 Book 1. The stand alone novel hit number one on Amazon when it was released in the summer of 2021.

When a gay passenger on a  Mexican Riviera cruise goes missing it causes a massive search of the vessel. The man may be dead, drugged or injured in some part of the ship. The deepening mystery will affect the relationships of three passengers--Gordon, Matt and Daniel. 

Surprises abound in this suspenseful tale at sea, a perfect fusion of Agatha Christie and Andy Warhol.

E-book, Paperback and Audiobook- available on Amazon

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Harmonic Dissonance


The Shortish Project is excited to share Gordon Blitz's latest work Harmoninc Dissonance.

Harmonic Dissonance is about two married couples-(straight) Elle and Patrick and (gay) Corey and Noah. Patrick and Noah have dementia and are at the same Memory Care facility. During their stay, Patrick and Noah form a sexual relationship even though Patrick is straight. Both no longer recognize their spouses. The novel explores the impact on Elle and Corey as they confront the impact of Alzheimer’s on their marriages; the way their roles have changed. Elle and Corey are forced to form a bond with each other—as a coping mechanism. Elle ponders whether her husband has been a closeted gay man during their marriage. Corey and Noah’s adopted son is missing in Afghanistan, making Corey deal with another potential loss in his life without the support of his husband, Noah. Music is used as a backdrop because the auditory system of the brain is fully functional at 16 weeks. We appreciate and understand music before anything else. With dementia, music is the last brain function to die. In other words, first in and last out.

Available as a paperback and ebook.

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Gordon Blitz Books is thrilled to share his latest work Fathers and Other Strangers, nominated for the Reader's Choice Award from TCK publishing.

Lynn Pinchas, a fifty-year-old gay man is approached by a younger man, named Mark, who appears out of nowhere and claims he is Lynn’s son. Is this a scam? Apparently, Lynn’s father had taken him to a female prostitute when he was eighteen to “prove” his son wasn’t gay. Could Mark’s mother actually be this prostitute? Through DNA testing, various scenarios are revealed as to the authenticity of Mark’s claim. And just when you think you’ve figured out the mystery, a fifty-year-old secret held by Lynn’s dead mother, is revealed.

E-book, Paperback and Audiobook available on Amazon

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Gordon Blitz Books is excited to publish George Bartholomew's first novel of Gay BDSM Erotica. Art is an overweight, uncoordinated and feminine teenage boy who has an unrelatable sexual fetish. He becomes so disturbed that he decides to get married to become "normal" only finding the fetish roaring back with a vengeance. When Art realizes he can only enjoy the fetish when a male is involved, he comes out as a Gay man. But then his life begins to unravel.

Available as a paperback and kindle on Amazon.

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“Every secret of a writer’s soul, every experience of his life, every quality of his mind, is written large in his works”

Virginia Woolf

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